About Us

Joe Guida, founder of PNF Audio, Inc., presents a different perspective on the great cable debate and believes that all is not necessarily for naught in the elusive search for affordable cable, even given the subjective nature of this art form of ours and our differing perceptions of the conduits to carry our precious music signal.

Joe founded PNF Audio in 2000 with a noble and simple goal: to research and design his own cable, at a reasonable price point. He set this goal because he couldn’t find a cable configuration offering the neutrality that he sought for his own reference system. His research led him to apply principles from his own background in aerospace engineering and to the discovery of other people’s work that had found a new way to process metals, in this case, copper. Joe believed that the natural conductivity of copper is very high, but under standard copper processing, the metal is cast while it is cold, leaving multiple crystal barriers up to 10,000 per meter. These multitudes of crystal barriers can naturally cause distortion to acoustic signals and lower the conductivity of the finished copper wire. In contrast, scientists have also experimented with casting copper while it is still hot and less brittle, discovering that this “continuous casting” process averages less than one crystal barrier per meter in the finished copper wire. PNF’s cables are based on this continuous casting copper product,believing that this warm casted copper cable increases clarity and smoothness in the conductivity of the music signal.

Their Icon interconnect also contains an unusual dielectric configuration composed of teflon and an air foam honeycomb matrix to absorb the electrostatic energy stored in the conductor. This dielectric composition measures very close to an absolute vacuum, the best possible dielectric. Finally, ultra pure copper RCA connectors are utilized on the Icon, to insure over 94% of the conductivity of the signal.